Tuesday, January 15, 2008

oh the places you'll go

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Reunion, too, causes both pain and dynamic regression. "This is a good thing", says Soll, "not a bad one. Reunion brings the adoptee back to the initial trauma, and revisiting the trauma is the only way to heal". Soll strongly makes the point, that however unpleasant or difficult realaity turns out to be, it is much preferred than an aching void of unknowingness. It is, he claims, easier to live at peace with reality eventually, than with conflicting and confusing fantasies that only fragment and torment one in their grip. Yes, knowing two mothers can be confusing, "but not half as much as knowing one and fantasizing about the other". Soll emphasizes that searching for birth parents is unlikely to be any reflection on what was offered by adopters, but a necessary part of the adoptee completing the whole and working towards the formation of the "authentic self and identity".

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