Sunday, June 7, 2009

Babies for Beans

I haven't written or posted anything for my blog for quite awhile now, and the truth be known I needed to take a bit of a break from the sometimes all consuming thoughts, emotions and feelings about adoption loss and adoption reunion.

None the less, I have not stopped thinking about it all together. No, those thoughts are deeply embedded in my brain and my Psyche. Scarred for life you might say by the affects of adoption on my life and the need to talk about it openly and honestly to those that most need to hear the truth.

However it seems that those that could benefit from it the most don't want to hear the truth and those that fuel the adoption industry relish in the fact that the majority of the population have bought in to the fairy tale about adoption and the forever family. Most refuse to even listen to the adoptees themselves as they cry out for justice and their rights to their heritage.

I am beginning to believe that mankind has finally sunk lower than a snakes belly and that's about as low as one can get. I kid you not, I took a double take when I saw this little tidbit.

Check it out: Fair Trade Coffees Helping Orphans & Their Forever Families

SMAAC ~ The truth will set you free.