I hate happy-ass adoptees. If I hear how special they are because they were "chosen" one more time, I'm going to explode.

They can take their "I'm so special because I was wanted more than bio kids." and shove it.

As for the attitude some of these happy asses seem to have about only adoptees that had awful childhoods being disatified with their situation, I'd like to invite them to take a swim in Lake Fuck.

I'm just sick to shit of hearing it.

To think someone would have the audacity to tell a firstmom who has searched for her near middle aged child to forget about contacting her directly because the a-mom didn't want her to, I say screw off. This firstmom at least deserves to hear that her birth-daughter doesn't want contact directly. If for no other reason than she was brave enough to seek her daughter out. That takes a fair amount of guts and she at least deserves to hear her daughters voice for her troubles.

The very disrespectfulness of suggesting a reunion shouldn't even be attempted because Miss Happy-Ass wouldn't want one enrages me.

We aren't all like you.

Grow the fuck up.

I probably shouldn't post this, but I'm going to anyway.