Monday, August 18, 2008

let sleeping dogs lie?

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To "let sleeping dogs lie" is to avoid restarting old conflicts. Revisiting an old conflict is like waking a sleeping dog; we are better not to do it.

Oh yeah, well I say 'Hell No' too. The time has finally come to stand up and be counted among the half a million mothers who had their babies taken from them for no other reason then the fact that they were young and unwed during the
EMS (Era of Mass Surrenders*TM). We were forsaken by our families, the church, the social workers and the system. Our civil rights were violated and we were robbed of our children. We were told to get on with our lives as our 'shameful secrets' were conviently and systematically swept under the rug. And that is where the sleeping dog has been lying for decades.
No ~ today the sound of our silence will be replaced with a loud roar of indigntion and resolve. Our day has been a long time coming, but it is indeed coming.

Member of
Senior Mothers of Coerced Adoption Surrender
Empowered, Wiser and Demanding Justice!


Robin said...

Let's boogie! I hear a lot of roaring in the distance and it is not TS Fay. Good show, and good blog.

Go ask Alice said...

Thanks Robin and yes I also hear the roar growing louder and louder as we the mothers of EMS finally find our voices and stand en masse and tell how it really went down.
No holds barred
We are off the chain!

SMAAC Member

CarolC said...

Indeed! Indeed! I too, was a victim of the EMS - my child snatched from me over my protests while in the recovery room. I was made to feel denigrated and shamed. My crime? I was young and single and deemed by the so called professionals as too inadequate to take care of my own child.

I, like so many mothers of that era, refuse to keep *their* secrets any longer. We are standing up, speaking out and spilling the beans.

Great topic and excellent blog!