Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Yam What I Yam

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Borrowing from a man who knew who he was. I am also finding myself saying the exact same thing.


I am starting to see that old age, as a stage of life, has a purpose. Denying we are older doesn't make being older go away. Me thinks it behooves us to think what the purpose for this time of life might be. When we try to deny being older, think on it as a failure of the body, a thing to hide, a thing to not recognize in ourselves or others, we miss out on a crucial piece of living.

Getting older now has a benifit. Now we can speak our mind. We have earned the right, our stripes have been hard earned, but by golly they are there. We have paid are taxes, earned a living, paid homage to our gods.

We now have the right to speak up and tell how we had our children taken from us and stripped of our souls. Now is our turn to be heard, as we have been a muffled sound in the breeze, a silenced voice. No, now is the time to call a spade a spade. What the heck are they going to do to us, send us away again.

Nature is full of change as the seasons illustrate. Most of those cycles keep going round and round without anything permanent changing. A full moon is a full moon and was the same when I was a toddler and now when I am 59.

'round and round without anything permanent changing' Duh, hello.

Time to speak up me thinks, what do we have to loose?

SMAAC Member
Senior Mothers of Coerced Adoption Surrender; Empowered, Wiser and Demanding Justice!

Some people wonder what this SMAAC group is all about. Well, it isn't about reunion. And, while most of us are proudly anti-adoption, it isn't really about that. Nor is it about open records except where those records pertain to the experience of the Senior Mother of adoption loss, pre-surrender.


Teri said...

I wish there were a way to speak up that someone would listen to. I read blogs where women are fighting the fight to be heard and it seems to fall on deaf ears. The laws do not change and people who have no personal involvement in adoption do not care what we say and they oppose us like they would swat a fly.

Like you, I agree that we older first mothers have earned our right to speak out and say what we think, but like my grandkids (who think they know everything :o) people don't have to listen.

But, I will not be deterred and will continue to speak out in the hopes that one day the right person will hear who can actually make a difference.

Teri Brown
Adoption Records Handbook

Sandy Young said...

Very good job! I love that you are so right on about age and the dignity and wisdom of age. There are times when I feel vintage, and others when I just feel old, but I will never, ever feel anything but worthy of respect and wise enough and sophisticated enough to have my say from now on. I am a wise woman, crone and what I say is the voice of hard won experience. It is so because I said so.