Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spreading the Word About SMAAC

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As a mother of adoption loss during the EMS I must say that I am encouraged by the response to our new activist coalition SMAAC. I am especially pleased to hear from some of the adoptees themselves who are also standing up and showing support for us senior mothers.

One such adoptee has done just that in her latest blog.

"Another reason why I love this organization so much is because it is based on the era that I was born in. This is a natural mothers' organization only. This is a pure activism group. These women stand up and help fight the industry as hard and if not harder than many of the adoptee activists. Why is this older generation of mothers standing up? They want the era of mass surrender to be recognized for what it was. They want acknowledgment from the federal and state governments for what our society did to them. I too want that for not only my friends, Musing Mother and Motherhood Deleted but for my own natural mother. Please don't get me wrong. I am on the side of the mothers since then. I am also very concerned about the mothers of the past. That is my era. That was when I was born." Kudos to you Amy for honoring your natural mother as well as the 'millions' of other natural mothers is such a way that shows you do indeed 'get it' and as Robin said, "from the heart".

As we continue to go round and round in the arena of adoption loss beliefs, the adopters continues to cling to the label that feeds their rationalization for adoption. The label of ‘birthmother’ helps them compartmentalize us mothers of adoption loss into a tidy, tight and narrow minded concept of who we are. The bad girls, the sluts and whores, the cans of worms, the fallen, etc……..the list is endless, but it is merely the adopter’s base for their rationalization for taking our babies . They make us the boogie man, ogres, a category, so they can feel superior to us to justify their selfish need for another women’s child.

But by golly if we dare to label them, by using the term ‘adopter’ all hell breaks loose and we are once again labeled, this time as 'DISGRUNTLED BIRTHMOTHER’S.'

Politics aside, regardless of the outcome of the current presidential race, the Red against the Blue, Roe vs Wade~ another issue, adoptive families, not even on the radar for me, the core of this particular issue is about our view of the adoption arena during the Era Of Mass Surrender. We have been in the center of that huge gapping hole/ vortex that sucks your child and your soul into it. As a mother of the EMS/BSE I have first hand knowledge as to the battles we fought to no avail.

We are merely asking to be heard, tit for tat. However, the adopters, the adoption industry and society by in large are first to cry out with ‘foul play’ when we now dare to speak up. But this is not about them and never was. No, it is about our taken babies, what was done to us, not just our civil rights but our very basic rights as human beings.

Thanks again Amy for helping to spread the word about SMAAC and what it stands for.

SMAAC member

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